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Digital HD X-Ray

Digital HD X-Ray

Digital HD X-Rays in Hemet CADigital imaging is the newest x ray technique used in dentistry today. It allows a faster viewing and exam of your teeth as the image is sent directly to a computer to be viewed on a screen or printed out instead of being developed in a dark room. This technology also provides a number of additional benefits that impact the completeness of your exam and care.

In addition to x ray images being immediately visible, digital imaging uses less radiation than typical x rays. Images can also be enhanced or enlarged so that the dentist can better explain and show you exactly what their findings are. For many patients this provides comfort in thoroughly understanding their dental care and for dentists provides an effective means of helping you maintain better oral health.

Digital x ray images can also easily be shared with other professionals which provides a great tool for dentists to obtain a second opinion or consult a specialist giving you much more thorough care and effective treatment solutions. Using the latest x ray technologies and industry innovations is one of the many tools used to detect damage and disease that may not be visible during a traditional dental exam.