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Endodontics in Hemet CAEndodontics in a specialty area of dentistry requiring additional training and education beyond traditional dental schooling. This is the area of dentistry where the training and skills are acquired to perform, most commonly, root canals and other endodontic treatments. In the past root canal treatments were a source of fear for visiting the dentist, however, with technology advancements getting a root canal today is comparable to receiving a filling.

New innovation and state of the are technology has helped root canal treatments become more effective in saving permanent natural teeth and to shorten recovery time for patients. Root canal treatment can help save natural teeth especially after injury or damage caused by decay and infection. For many patients that require a root canal their visit is no more uncomfortable than having a filling.

Similar to a filling, a root canal treatment requires removal of the decayed or damaged part of the tooth. In addition, the pulp and nerves within the root of the tooth are removed and then filled. The area of the tooth closest to the surface is filled with a tooth colored filling in order to preserve the natural look of the tooth when light is reflected onto it. Because of this most patients that have had a root canal treatment on their front teeth have virtually unnoticeable change in the appearance of their smile.