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Tooth Implants in Hemet CA Implants and replacement teeth help to restore confidence in your smile as well as function and health back to your mouth and jaw. Implants are surgically placed into the jawbone which helps provide structural support to your mouth, lips, cheeks and jaw. Without proper structure you may have difficultly chewing, speaking, and may also suffer from chronic pain and discomfort caused by the jawbones and teeth failing to align correctly.

Implants are one of the greatest and most effective dental treatment procedures available today. Implant crowns are a popularly used treatment in dentistry because their popularity with patients and their effectiveness. Because implants are surgically placed into the jaw bone, once the jaw bone heals around the implant, it is strong and secure because the bone actually holds the implant in place like a natural tooth.

Once the implants are secure in the jaw bone, which may take time, then artificial teeth or dental crowns are ready to be attached. The crowns are made as a single replacement tooth or bridges if more than one tooth is being replaced and custom fit by size, shape and color to fit with your other teeth. By the time these procedures are complete, you're left with a dazzling, natural, healthy looking smile.