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Night Guards / Mouth Guards

Night Guards / Mouth Guards

Night Guards / Mouth Guards in Hemet CAMany people wonder what the difference is between dental night guards and sports mouth guards as both are designed to protect the teeth and prevent damage or injury. However, there is a difference between the two types of guards and the reasons why a sports guard or night guard might be recommended to you. Each type of guard is made to protect the teeth from specific types of damages, therefore design, shape, and materials can vary based on individual need. Each are custom made to fit your mouth for the best protection and comfort possible.

Night guards are generally prescribed to patients that clench or grind their teeth during sleep. Because the guard is meant to be worn every night and for long periods of time to protect against constant grinding it is made from slightly harder and more durable materials than sports guards. Night guards are also thinner than sports guards as they are designed to protect the surface of the teeth from becoming worn down from clenching and grinding.

Sports guards are typically prescribed to athletes and are designed to protect the teeth from the various forms of sudden physical impacts. These guards are generally thicker and cover both the teeth and gums as well as extend to cover the entire jaw so that the entire mouth is protected. The material is different than a night guard as it is generally softer and designed to absorb more of the force from a sudden blow.