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Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth Colored Fillings in Hemet CAIn the past fillings were made of a metal mixture that not only didn't create a good bond to your teeth but that wasn't aesthetically appealing either. Thanks to technological advancements tooth colored fillings made of composite resins, porcelains, and ceramics provide great durability, better bonding and support, and versatility without the obviousness that a filling is even present.

In addition to the benefit of naturally looking teeth, composite resin, porcelain, and ceramic filling materials bond to your teeth better chemically than metals which provides more support once placed and in most cases also requires less removal of tooth structure when preparing you teeth for the filling than traditional amalgam (metal) fillings. Tooth colored filling materials offer great aesthetic benefits for times when front teeth or visible parts of teeth require filling or repair.

For many patients the additional time required to complete tooth colored fillings compared to metal fillings is well worth the benefit of having unnoticeable dental work. While tooth colored fillings do require a small amount of time longer to complete than metal, most patients do not find the additional time in the dentist's chair to be an inconvenience. In fact, for most patients they find the few extra minutes of time well worth the finished result of natural looking fillings and dental work.