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Cancer Screening

Cancer Screening

Cancer Screening in Hemet CAToday oral cancer is not just something that tobacco users and men over 40 should be concerned with. It can be painless and go undetected making early detection important. Keeping your dental visits to twice a year can substantially increase a successful diagnosis.

Dr. Duffin’s exams include a cancer screening. If he detects anything out of the ordinary he would suggest a biopsy. This can easily be done in our office and send out to a lab for pathology results.

If any of the following symptoms are present for more than 14 days you should see your dentist immediately. Some symptoms to be concerned with include:

  • An ulcer or sore on your tongue or in your mouth
  • Discolored tissue
  • A lump either in your mouth, cheek, neck, throat or jaw
  • Have a hoarse voice

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