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Cerec One Visit Crowns

Cerec One Visit Crowns

Cerec One Visit Crowns in Hemet CAIt is amazing how technology has advanced dentistry relating to crowns, veneers, and bridges. CEREC is a fantastic advancement that allows your crown to be custom made and delivered on the same day. The days of waiting 2-4 weeks for your permanent crown to be cemented are over. Wearing a temporary crown in most cases is a thing of the past.

A crown is a false top to a natural tooth. If a tooth is broken, severely decayed, or has a very large filling with recurrent decay a crown is needed to strengthen the tooth.

Dr. Duffin is one of just a few offices in Hemet that offer this service. For our patients, the one trip is a welcomed benefit. These crowns are all ceramic with no metal involved so they are esthetically pleasing as well. Dr. Duffin can even let you watch your beautiful crown be milled.