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Cerec One Visit Crowns

Cerec One Visit Crowns

Cerec One Visit Crowns in Hemet CAThanks to CEREC technology, crowns can now be administered in just one visit. For many patients this is quiet a relief to be able to avoid multiple follow ups and repeat visits that are associated with traditional crowns. A crown is a false top to your natural tooth and helps to prevent bacteria from entering into the pulp area of the tooth, thus preventing infection.

When a tooth is broken, fractured or damaged repairing the tooth is a time sensitive process. The longer that germs and bacteria are able to enter into the the pulp of the tooth through the fracture the more likely it becomes that the tooth will become severely infected. The more damage caused to the natural tooth the less likely it becomes that it will be able to be fully preserved.

CEREC, chairside economic restorations of esthetic ceramics, machines allow dentists to custom fit, create and place your crown all in one visit. In addition to the benefit of reduced risk of infection that this technology provides the ceramic and porcelain materials used to create the crown make them virtually unnoticeable once placed.