• Summary
  • Smile Makeovers
  • Implants
  • Tooth Whitening
  • Crowns, Bridges, Partials, Veneers
  • Natural Looking Dentures
  • Digital HD X-Ray
  • Tooth Colored Fillings
  • Periodontal Therapy
  • Endodontics
  • Oral Surgery
  • Night / Mouth Guards
  • Cancer Screening
  • Cerec One Visit Crown
  • Conscious Oral Sedation
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Gum Recession Correction

Dental Services We Provide

For almost three decades, Dr. Duffin has combined his dental expertise, talent and artistic abilities to successfully provide a full range of dental services.

  • Smile Makeovers – Full Mouth Reconstruction
  • Implants
  • Tooth Whitening
  • Porcelain Crowns, Bridges, Partials, Veneers
  • Natural Looking Dentures (with on site lab for fast precise service)
  • Digital X-ray high resolution imaging
  • Tooth Colored fillings
  • Periodontal Therapy and Maintenance Endodontics
  • Oral Surgery Including Wisdom Teeth Removal
  • Night Guards and Sports Mouth Guards
  • Cancer Screening
  • Cerec One Visit
  • Crown Conscious Oral Sedation
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Cosmetic and Functional Gum Grafting

Before and After - Dr. Ronald E Duffin

Smile Makeovers

Smile Makeover in Hemet, CA There are many reasons that contribute to needing mouth reconstruction and your teeth being in poor shape such as: neglect, injury, and preventive dental care that requires replacement because it has worn down. If you have chronic pain in your jaw, clicking or popping in your jaw, frequent headaches, back pain, muscle tenderness or several chipped, worn down, missing or broken teeth a full mouth reconstruction may be recommended.

If you've been living with insecurity about your mouth or mouth pain, full mouth reconstruction may be the solution you've been looking for. Not only will it improve your dental health, restore function to your jaw and gums, but also restore your confidence in the way you look.

Full mouth reconstruction is not just a cosmetic procedure; it involves multiple restorative and neuromuscular procedures to improve the structure and function of your teeth, gums and jaw. The goal of full mouth reconstruction is to not only improve the look of your teeth but to also alleviate symptoms and ailments caused by missing, broken, chipped, worn down, damaged teeth.


Tooth Implants in Hemet, CAImplants and replacement teeth help to restore confidence in your smile as well as function and health back to your mouth and jaw. Implants are surgically placed into the jawbone which helps provide structural support to your mouth, lips, cheeks and jaw. Without proper structure you may have difficultly chewing, speaking, and may also suffer from chronic pain and discomfort caused by the jawbones and teeth failing to align correctly.

Implants are one of the greatest and most effective dental treatment procedures available today. Implant crowns are a popularly used treatment in dentistry because their popularity with patients and their effectiveness. Because implants are surgically placed into the jaw bone, once the jaw bone heals around the implant, it is strong and secure because the bone actually holds the implant in place like a natural tooth.

Once the implants are secure in the jaw bone, which may take time, then artificial teeth or dental crowns are ready to be attached. The crowns are made as a single replacement tooth or bridges if more than one tooth is being replaced and custom fit by size, shape and color to fit with your other teeth. By the time these procedures are complete, you're left with a dazzling, natural, healthy looking smile.

Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening in Hemet, CATeeth whitening is one of the most commonly administered cosmetic dental procedures. There are a variety of procedures available to help restore the sparkle and brightness in your smile dependent on the level of discoloration and previous dental work. For the best products and solutions its best to consult with the dentist so that the right teeth whitening treatment can be determined based on your individual needs.

Once the dentist has examined your teeth a treatment plan can be outlined and administered to give you the best results. Teeth with certain types of discoloration or previously bonded, filled or replaced teeth may not respond to the whitening treatment in the same way that your natural teeth do, which is why it's important to have a professional exam completed before beginning any teeth whitening treatments including over the counter or at home bleaching kits.

If teeth whitening treatments do not offer you the results you were hoping for their are many other cosmetic dental treatments available to consider such as veneers. For most patients, however, teeth whitening treatments provide them just what they were hoping for in restoring the whiteness back in their smiles with ease. Because of the historic success, effectiveness and unobtrusive administration of professional teeth whitening treatments this procedure has become one of the most popularly sought after cosmetic dental procedures available.

Crowns, Bridges, Partials, and Veneers

Veneers, Crowns, Partials, & Bridges in Hemet, CA It's amazing how effective that cosmetic dental procedures like veneers can be for covering up teeth that are stained, discolored, worn down, chipped, broken, misaligned, uneven, irregularly shaped or have gaps in them. Veneers can be made of porcelain or resin and are attached to the front surface of your teeth. A small amount of your natural teeth's surface is removed in order to appropriately fit the veneer for a natural look. Once cemented in place the veneer provides a natural looking and beautiful result without a huge bearing on your natural teeth.

Bridges are designed to bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth. They can be made of many different kinds of materials to replicate the look of natural teeth. This in an effective procedure that not only helps to restore the look of your smile but also the ability to chew, speak and maintain the shape of your face. Bridges are typically anchored to natural surrounding teeth to provide proper support but treatments can vary dependent on individual need.

Partials are removable dentures or bridges that are attached to a plastic gum colored base. The base or framework of the partial connects to your natural teeth to hold the removable partial into place. Different attachment methods may used based on individual need, however partials are an excellent solution for not only restoring the appearance of your smile but keeping remaining teeth from drifting out of position and restoring your facial structural support.

Crowns can be made of metals, porcelain, resin, or ceramic and used as a temporary or permanent treatment to protect weak teeth from breaking, restore an already broken or worn down tooth, cover and support a tooth with a large filling, hold a dental bridge in place, cover misshapen teeth or a dental implant or a variety of other cosmetic needs.

Natural Looking Dentures

Dentures in Hemet, CAFull dentures are prosthetic teeth and gums used to replace missing natural teeth, much like partials, except full dentures are used as a complete replacement system for upper or lower teeth. Full dentures have different attachment options dependent on individual need but are made custom to your mouth for a comfortable fit and to maintain the structural support of your face and jaw.

With our on site lab we are able to take moldings of your jaw, gums and mouth in order to create a precise fit for your dentures. This fit is important for your overall comfort and for maintaining proper support for your face, jaw, lips and cheeks. Dentures have been a long standing effective dental solution for helping people restore confidence their smile and function of their mouth and jaw.

In most cases an immediate denture can and will be provided after any remaining teeth are removed to be used during the healing process however follow up visits are often required to adjust the fit as gum lines and jaw bones shift. In some cases implant over dentures may be recommended to help prevent the need for repeated fitting adjustments.

Digital High Definition X-Ray

Dental X-ray in Hemet, CA Digital imaging is the newest x ray technique used in dentistry today. It allows a faster viewing and exam of your teeth as the image is sent directly to a computer to be viewed on a screen or printed out instead of being developed in a dark room. This technology also provides a number of additional benefits that impact the completeness of your exam and care.

In addition to x ray images being immediately visible, digital imaging uses less radiation than typical x rays. Images can also be enhanced or enlarged so that the dentist can better explain and show you exactly what their findings are. For many patients this provides comfort in thoroughly understanding their dental care and for dentists provides an effective means of helping you maintain better oral health.

Digital x ray images can also easily be shared with other professionals which provides a great tool for dentists to obtain a second opinion or consult a specialist giving you much more thorough care and effective treatment solutions. Using the latest x ray technologies and industry innovations is one of the many tools used to detect damage and disease that may not be visible during a traditional dental exam.

Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth Fillings in Hemet, CAIn the past fillings were made of a metal mixture that not only didn't create a good bond to your teeth but that wasn't aesthetically appealing either. Thanks to technological advancements tooth colored fillings made of composite resins, porcelains, and ceramics provide great durability, better bonding and support, and versatility without the obviousness that a filling is even present.

In addition to the benefit of naturally looking teeth, composite resin, porcelain, and ceramic filling materials bond to your teeth better chemically than metals which provides more support once placed and in most cases also requires less removal of tooth structure when preparing you teeth for the filling than traditional amalgam (metal) fillings. Tooth colored filling materials offer great aesthetic benefits for times when front teeth or visible parts of teeth require filling or repair.

For many patients the additional time required to complete tooth colored fillings compared to metal fillings is well worth the benefit of having unnoticeable dental work. While tooth colored fillings do require a small amount of time longer to complete than metal, most patients do not find the additional time in the dentist's chair to be an inconvenience. In fact, for most patients they find the few extra minutes of time well worth the finished result of natural looking fillings and dental work.

Periodontal Therapy & Maintenance

Periodontal Therapy & Maintenance in Hemet, CAPeriodontal therapy and maintenance is an area of dentistry focused on prevention, diagnosis and disease treatment of the surrounding tissues of the teeth and implants. This area of dentistry includes maintenance of oral health, function, and esthetics of the supporting structures and tissues. In some cases treatments may include the administration of intravenous conscious sedation.

Periodontal examinations are designed to evaluate the health of the supporting tissues and to detect non-periodontal oral diseases and conditions. Once a comprehensive examination is completed a diagnosis can be determined and a treatment or therapy plan can be outlined and administered based on individual need.

Periodontal therapy treatments and maintenance may require repeat visits and follow up appointments, however, as part of our comprehensive screenings and examinations our dentist will take the time to educate you once a diagnosis has been determined in order to make sure you have full understanding and all the relevant information necessary regarding the periodontal treatments required.


Endodontics in Hemet, CAEndodontics in a specialty area of dentistry requiring additional training and education beyond traditional dental schooling. This is the area of dentistry where the training and skills are acquired to perform, most commonly, root canals and other endodontic treatments. In the past root canal treatments were a source of fear for visiting the dentist, however, with technology advancements getting a root canal today is comparable to receiving a filling.

New innovation and state of the are technology has helped root canal treatments become more effective in saving permanent natural teeth and to shorten recovery time for patients. Root canal treatment can help save natural teeth especially after injury or damage caused by decay and infection. For many patients that require a root canal their visit is no more uncomfortable than having a filling.

Similar to a filling, a root canal treatment requires removal of the decayed or damaged part of the tooth. In addition, the pulp and nerves within the root of the tooth are removed and then filled. The area of the tooth closest to the surface is filled with a tooth colored filling in order to preserve the natural look of the tooth when light is reflected onto it. Because of this most patients that have had a root canal treatment on their front teeth have virtually unnoticeable change in the appearance of their smile.

Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery in Hemet, CAWisdom teeth removal is one of the most common dental surgeries performed as many patients suffer from chronic pain and complications caused by crowding of the back teeth such as: swollen, painful gums, damage to surrounding teeth, gum disease, infection, and tooth decay due to difficulty cleaning the wisdom teeth.

Because of the lack of space available, wisdom teeth, or third molars, commonly grow in at angles that can damage the surrounding teeth, cause severe pain and create other health related complications. Early detection through regular dental exams and digital x rays can help to prevent many of the complications caused by developing wisdom teeth.

Most people develop their wisdom teeth between the ages of 15-25. If the wisdom tooth does not have enough room to grow it will become impacted causing infection, pain and damage to other teeth. Many dental professionals recommend that wisdom teeth be removed before they erupt in order to avoid many of the problems that impacted wisdom teeth can cause.

Night Guards / Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards in Hemet, CAMany people wonder what the difference is between dental night guards and sports mouth guards as both are designed to protect the teeth and prevent damage or injury. However, there is a difference between the two types of guards and the reasons why a sports guard or night guard might be recommended to you. Each type of guard is made to protect the teeth from specific types of damages, therefore design, shape, and materials can vary based on individual need. Each are custom made to fit your mouth for the best protection and comfort possible.

Night guards are generally prescribed to patients that clench or grind their teeth during sleep. Because the guard is meant to be worn every night and for long periods of time to protect against constant grinding it is made from slightly harder and more durable materials than sports guards. Night guards are also thinner than sports guards as they are designed to protect the surface of the teeth from becoming worn down from clenching and grinding.

Sports guards are typically prescribed to athletes and are designed to protect the teeth from the various forms of sudden physical impacts. These guards are generally thicker and cover both the teeth and gums as well as extend to cover the entire jaw so that the entire mouth is protected. The material is different than a night guard as it is generally softer and designed to absorb more of the force from a sudden blow.

Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening in Hemet, CAOral cancer is something everyone should be aware of. Research has shown that oral cancer is no longer mainly a concern for men over forty. More and more women are being affected and the age range for oral, head and neck cancer is dropping. Early detection is critical in it's successful treatment.

Oral cancer can be painless and therefore go undetected. Seeing your dentist at least twice a year can help in early detection.

If you have any of the following symptoms that are persistent for fourteen days see your dentist or heath care provider: difficulty in swallowing, a sore or ulcer in your mouth or on your tongue, discoloration of tissue, a lump in your mouth, cheek, neck, throat or jaw, or have a horse voice. These are just some of the signs or symptoms. If you have any concerns or questions for more information consult your dentist, doctor or call Dr. Duffin at (951) 765-6232, let them know your concerns. Dr Duffin can do a simple biopsy of the area

that can be as easy as collecting a sample with a small brush and putting your mind at ease. If Dr. Duffin feels it is necessary he can refer you to additional heath care professionals. Remember early detection is vital in treatment.


Cerec One Visit Crowns

One Visit Crowns in Hemet, CAThanks to CEREC technology, crowns can now be administered in just one visit. For many patients this is quiet a relief to be able to avoid multiple follow ups and repeat visits that are associated with traditional crowns. A crown is a false top to your natural tooth and helps to prevent bacteria from entering into the pulp area of the tooth, thus preventing infection.

When a tooth is broken, fractured or damaged repairing the tooth is a time sensitive process. The longer that germs and bacteria are able to enter into the the pulp of the tooth through the fracture the more likely it becomes that the tooth will become severely infected. The more damage caused to the natural tooth the less likely it becomes that it will be able to be fully preserved.

CEREC, chairside economic restorations of esthetic ceramics, machines allow dentists to custom fit, create and place your crown all in one visit. In addition to the benefit of reduced risk of infection that this technology provides the ceramic and porcelain materials used to create the crown make them virtually unnoticeable once placed.

Conscious Oral Sedation

Sedation Dentistry in Hemet, CAThere's no doubt that about it, some people are just afraid of and uncomfortable going to the dentist. When fear prevents you from seeking out necessary dental care it can lead to some pretty serious risks which is why conscious oral sedation is such an important part of the services offered to you by Dr Duffin in his dental practice. Minimal and moderate oral sedation is the most commonly practiced form of sedation dentistry.

When conscious oral sedation is administered you are awake but relaxed. This will allow you to overcome feelings of anxiety while undergoing dental treatment. With this type of sedation you may slur your words while speaking or not remember much of the procedure however levels of sedation impact vary from person to person. The goal is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed so that the dental treatments you require can be completed safely and with ease.

Oral sedation is administered in pill form generally about one hour before the appointment. This allows enough time to pass for the pill to become effective in helping patients to relax. For some patients, the pill does make them feel drowsy or groggy so that they may fall asleep during their procedure, however, they are able to be woken with a gentle nudge when the procedure is complete.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry in Hemet, CACosmetic dentistry includes a variety of treatments and procedures all designed to help boost confidence in the appearance of your smile. Some procedures are minimally invasive while others may require more than one visit to complete. Whether you are interested in restoring the brightness of their smile or replacing missing teeth, today's cosmetic technologies provide a multitude of solutions.

Some of the most common cosmetic dental treatments patients seek out are: teeth whitening, fillings, dentures, dental implants, orthodontics (braces), tooth bonding, veneers, crowns, bridges and periodontal plastic surgery. Some treatments and procedures are recommended or completed due to oral health and wellness concerns as well as their aesthetic benefits.

The materials and technologies used in cosmetic dentistry have rapidly improved over the years leading to both better durability and longevity as well as increased patient satisfaction with administered treatments and procedures. In most cases it is virtually impossible to tell when a patient has had a cosmetic dental procedure completed as the finished result leaves what appear to be natural, beautiful teeth.

Gum Recession Correction

Chao Pinhole Surgery Technique in Hemet, CADR Duffin is certified to preform the new leading edge Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST), invented and patented by John Chao, D.D.S.. It is a scalpel-free, suture-free procedure for correcting gum recession. Through a small hole made by a needle, Dr. Duffin uses specially designed instruments to gently loosen the gum tissue and glide it over the receded part of the tooth. Since there is no cutting or stitching, patients can expect minimal post-operative symptoms (pain, swelling and bleeding). Most patients also are pleasantly surprised by the instant cosmetic improvement. for more information on how this process can help you call Dr Duffin’s office at (951) 765-6232 to schedule a free exam. Let us know that you would like to take advantage of our website offer for a pinhole graft evaluation.

More information can be found at the
Chao Pinhole Official Website.

Chao Pinhole Surgery Before Chao Pinhole Surgery After

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