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Tooth Implants in Hemet CAMissing a tooth may make it very hard to chew or speak properly. It may also change your physical appearance that may be more distressing to most people. A dental implant can replace a freestanding tooth or be a part of a bridge to replace several teeth. It is without a doubt an amazing dental procedure that can change your life. Whether it is because of decay, a failed root canal, a fracture, or you were just born missing one, it can be a distressing situation for most to be without a tooth.

Dr. Duffin is skilled in implant placement. He has been trained and has an associate fellowship with The American Academy of Implant Dentistry. This extra training gives him the ability to tackle even some of the toughest cases that would have normally required an Oral Surgeon.

Implants may take several months from start to finish but are well worth it. The actual implant is placed into the bone and fuses itself to the bone. This process may take some time but when it’s securely attached itself to the bone the tooth can then be restored with a crown or other treatment that you may need.