Sedation Dentistry and You

Are you delaying dental treatment you need and want? Are you in pain but too scared to pick up the phone to schedule an appointment? Do you have trouble getting numb? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, than Oral Sedation Dentistry may be for you!!!

Nearly 30% of Americans avoid dental care due to fear and anxiety.

In most cases these fears develop in childhood, so odds are you have carried your anxiety toward the dentist for years. When you no longer can stand the pain or discomfort you finally make an appointment. At this time, you find out the extensive restorative treatment that is required, the time you will have to spend in the chair and the expense to get out of pain. It no longer has to be this way. Modern dentistry offers safe, effective, and comfortable treatments to fearful and anxious patients. It’s called, “ORAL SEDATION DENTISTRY.”

Who benefits most from sedation dentistry?

  • Patients with high anxiety and/or fear of the dentist
  • Those with a gag reflex
  • Patients who wish to get more treatment done in fewer visits
  • Those who have difficulty getting numb
  • The elderly and disabled
  • Those who desire to have their dentistry done comfortably & relaxed

What is oral sedation dentistry?

It is the use of sedative medications that minimally depresses your level of consciousness during which you are able to breathe independently and/or respond purposely to verbal commands. It will help you become more relaxed and comfortable so the dental team can work more effectively, accomplishing more in less time with great quality.

Dr. Duffin is licensed and certified in sedation dentistry Certified sedation dentists have a variety of protocols available to customize each patient’s physiological and pharmacological needs. So even if you have a unique medical condition, there still may be options.

Dr. Duffin has been trained and licensed to provide oral sedation. His goal is to crate a relaxed comfortable and safe experience for his patients, with little or no anxiety and with little or no memory of the appointment. Even the most fearful patient that has stayed away form the dentist for years can safely receive the benefits of good oral health.

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